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You Should be Cleansing Your Sexual Aura On a Regular Basis. Here Are 4 Ways To Do It

You might have heard someone say, “Whenever you sleep with someone you are also sleeping with all the people they’ve ever slept with.” Now this piece of wisdom or advice (whatever you want to call it) is considered a joke by many people. Of course, you are not really sleeping with all those people. So, what is the reason behind this much heard of intelligence?

Humans carry within themselves an “energy”. We are formed of multiple energies and one of them is our sexual or intimate energy. Whenever we tend to get physically intimate with another person, these intimate energies of that person gets merged or absorbed by us and vice-versa.

If you sleep with people who are full of positive, loving energy, you absorb that energy, and it ultimately cheers you up. Similarly, if you are sleeping with negative, destructive people, you will end up feeling low, fatigued and without any joy in your life.

We have to regularly cleanse our sexual energy in order to prevent it from getting corrupted by the energies of our sexual partners. Now you must remember the precept we began this article with. The corruption of our sexual energy is the reason why people say what we read in the beginning.

If this notion of sexual energy is estimated correctly, then we are kind of getting intimate with whoever else our partner has been getting intimate with. This is why it is extremely important to regularly cleanse your sexual energy.

If you don’t, your energy will eventually be weighed down by the entire residue you have collected from the partners you had over time which eventually affects your vibration adversely.

There are many ways to cleanse your sexual aura. Four of them are:


Aura meditation is really helpful in getting rid of all the unwanted energies that are accumulated in us over time.

Harvard affiliated team out of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) came across surprising conclusions regarding the tangible effects of meditation on human brain structure. An 8 week program of mindfulness meditation produced MRI scans for the first time showing clear evidence that meditation produces “massive changes” in brain gray matter.

Practice meditation to regularly ground yourself by clearing your aura, energy channels and chakras. You can perform energy based meditation to focus on cleansing negative energies.


Whenever we talk about healing, we should seek a healer who can help us in getting better. An aura healer can help you in casting away all those unwanted energies. These healers will help you in restoring your flow of energy by removing any blockages. Reiki is one form of aura healing that is effective and popular at many places.


An aura reader will help you to recognize the energy differences in your body, that is to say, which energy is yours and which is foreign. These foreign energies are the ones you need to cast away.


Blockages in our spiritual energy system are also created when we do not express our emotional energies when required. This leads to the entrapment of unwanted energies inside us. Have you ever felt suppressed anger? When you were really angry and you suppressed it more times over a span of time because that was easier than solving the actual problem? Yes, these things can wreak havoc in your spiritual and healthy system.

Next time your doctors says: this is because of accumulated stress, remember to express yourself! Do change the things around you, and the things you can’t, just let them go.


Other practices which can help you cleanse your aura are:

  • Bathing in Epsom salt. It helps in stimulating the energy flow. You can buy it here.
  • The ocean is a natural source of salt which can help us to relax. Actually, it is the best one.
  • Everyday access to Nature improves Quality of Life in older adults, study claim.
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