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Reprogramming Your DNA With Words & Certain Frequencies

Only 10% of our DNA is used for building the physical body as we see it – the protein building material. Scientists from Russia, specialists in biophysics and molecular biology, have proven that by using certain words in certain ways, such as in hymns and mantras, can change the way the DNA is formed. It is that particular 10% of the protein building DNA that is targeted, by reviewing those helixes and reclassifying it. This is in an attempt to learn more about this complicated building process.

But the remainder of the 90% of our DNAs is classified as ‘Junk DNA’, a term most unsuitable for it. Within this ‘Junk DNA’, the scientists have found through research on new formulae that 7% of the ‘Junk DNA’ actually serves a much more significant purpose. It is a biological web-tool, an internet of sorts, which is much more advanced than any artificial one.

Scientist Pjotr Garjajev and his team who is working on this research revealed that either through a direct process, or an indirect force, phonemes – intuition, spontaneous healing, spiritual masters, clairvoyance, and other such spiritual influences – affect the DNA patterns. There is also a study of medicines, where DNA is found to be affected and rearranged by different words at certain frequencies, without the need for lighting or replacing any of the existing genomes.

The research was carried out based on 6 factors:

1.Linguistics and Genetics, though two very different divisions of science, were combined to explore the Junk DNA that forms the bulk of our total DNA matter.

2.It was concluded that the DNA is not responsible for only the physical body, but also for storing information and internal communication. It was found that that the Junk DNA helixes communicate in a manner similar to the human language. By studying the way sentences are formed, meanings of words in different language types and basic grammar application, it was found that the DNA alkaline has a set of grammar rules, implying that the human language was not a creation of itself, but instead, an echo of the integral DNA. By also studying the vibrations or frequencies of the DNA, the scientists concluded that chromosomes work in the manner of holographic computers, where the DNA functions as an inbuilt laser radiation. In other words, by tweaking certain vibrational arrays at a specific frequency onto a laser ray, it was possible to change the frequency of the DNA, and thus change the genetic information within it, all whilst the basic DNA-alkaline pair helixes and language remained unchanged.

3.To influence the DNA vibrations, words and chants, like hymns and mantra, were used to send out foreign vibrations to the DNA.

4.DNA will behave differently in vitro and in a living tissue; in living tissue, it will respond to the vibrations given out by language provided through laser rays, such as radio waves. However, correct frequencies have to be applied to the matter within the DNA for it to change.

5.Scientific Explanation:

Using vibrations and frequencies to change the DNA is a form of psychotherapeutic technique, such as meditation, where deep concentration on the sensations felt on the physical body is applied. It is unlike hypnosis, which can also cause the human body to react to it, as language is the primary form of communication within DNAs.

The Russian Scientists researched devices which could affect the metabolic processes within basic cells, by using radio frequencies and controlled rays to correct and repair genetic faults. Garjajev and his team were able to prove that when this method was applied, a genome that had been damaged by X-rays could be repaired. They were also able to transmit the data formats of one DNA to another, thus completely reprogramming the genome.

Their aim was to understand the vast possibilities frequency and vibrations can have on genetic patterns, thus proving that these waves can change the way living beings are formed rather than relying solely on the routes followed by the alkaline helixes.

Spiritual persons such as Shamans and Obscure teachers have understood and accepted the potent relationship between the body and the mind, and that the human body can be re-programmed by thought, different words, and the type of language used.

With Garjajev’s team’s research, this has now been proven in a scientific manner. It is up to every individual to build a connection with their conscience, i.e. with their DNA, by working on their own processes and building maturity with it. This is the connection between the vibration of the DNA at its own frequency, and the aptitude to connect with it through meditation.

6.It was also discovered during the study that the human DNA when in a vacuum, can give rise to the production of magnetized wormholes. Wormholes are comparable to Einstein-Rosen bridges that exist around black holes, at a microscopic level. These would then be a bridge or tunnel that would lead to the different parts of the universe outside our own, thus allowing data to be transferred outside our own space and time zone.

This transmission process would be much more effective in a relaxed state of mind. Garjajev’s team have found out that a stressed mind or a hyperactive intellect would distort the data that is to be transferred, making it of no use.

These connections are further explained in detail in the book ‘Venetzte Intelligenz’ (Networked Intelligence) by Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf.

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